Codeless Architecture

Storyboarding, design and animation


Project in collaboration with
Direction - Nolan James
Storyboarding - Clara Lipkau
Design - Clara Lipkau
Animation - Nolan James, Clara Lipkau , Vishal Varghese, Maya Hirota, Aleka Agre
Post Coordination - Erica Hernandez
Voice Over - Bryan Kopta
Sound Design - Patrick Burgess


The objective was to find a way to  summarize visually what are the benefits of codeless software applications and how they work versus applications that need you to type code.The main benefits were that they are easy to use, they are more visual, and they have a better maintenance towards the future.


The best way to show all this was creating an explainer video using motion graphics and animation. It is a great way to visually show and compare how a visual codeless application can work as opposed to code applications. 


We wanted to simplify the concepts, so that we didn’t have to show the software interface itself, but find a way to conceptualize it. For that, we developed a visual system for the codeless application. Taking the Codeless Architecture logo as a starting point, which is a tangram representation, we made this codeless world with geometric pieces that once they are assembled, they transform to identifiable objects, same way as codeless applications work. As opposed to that, the code was represented as a big dark whole with tiny lines of code, very chaotic and difficult to identify.We also added characters to the piece, they are not the hero of the piece but they help to transmit and reinforce the message.
Once this idea was developed, I started sketching the storyboard based on the script provided. First I made rough sketches without color. I also made transition frames to indicate possible ways to go from one scene to the next one.
Once all those were approved and defined, we moved to the design phase.

During design phase, I cleaned and added detail to each frame, creating style frames. For the color palette, the client provided one to start with, it had bright colors and dark ones, so we applied the dark ones to background and bright ones to elements to give this bit of “neon” look, without being too much. Finally, I added some texture touches to give a bit of volume and dimension.


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